Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh the business side of things: Privacy Policy and Necessary Disclosures

As a good, responsible blogger I do have to tell you a few things about this blog.

First the Privacy Policy...I really don't care who you are and I'm not going to spy on you or try to collect your personal information. I do, however, love the fact that you've stumbled on my blog and I hope that what I write is at least somewhat useful and relevant to you. To that end, in order to understand why people come to my blog and how I can better direct traffic to my blog, I do monitor traffic on the site from Google Analytics just like every other webmaster or blogger on the planet. I can't see who you are with Analytics or what address you're at. I can really only see that someone from a particular city clicked on a link that brought them to the blog.

Second the Ad Policy....This blog contains ads. If you click on an ad on this site, I will receive small amounts of money. If you don't click on an ad, I will love you just as much as if you did. The ads in no way alter my opinion, affect my writing or impact what I would say about a product or a service. I'm just not an affiliate sales kind of girl. What the ads do, however, is make it possible for me to devote time, money and energy on building and improving the blog and related content around the web. It's a hobby, not a sales spiel. If you do click on an ad, please do so with the intention of actually wanting what is at the other end of that link. Click fraud is a terrible thing and the Google Gods will smite me from the internet should you engage in it on my site.