Monday, February 6, 2012

Broken Barbie advises against cardio mistakes

3 weeks ago I jammed my wrist in a sparring match. A week later I twisted my ankle in a cardio class. Stuck on the sidelines with nasty sprains ever since, I've going out of my mind anticipating my liberation room the stationary bike and virtual cardio-atrophy.

This sedentary experience has, however, given me the unique opportunity to observe the life in the gym. Everywhere I look, I see who I used to be - that unfit, awkward, overweight, self-conscious woman muddling through exercises not knowing how to perform them correctly.

Inspired, I scoured YouTube checking out exercise videos to research an article on this topic. Amazingly, it was actually difficult to find trainers on YouTube demonstrating proper technique on even on the most basic cardio exercises.

Why is proper technique on a seemingly self-explanatory piece of cardio equipment important?

Four words: Injury Prevention, Pain Avoidance. Improper exercise technique leads to injuries, weakened joints and back problems.

To see some tips on how to perform common exercises correctly, check out my article on Infobarrel: 10 Common Exercise Mistakes.

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