Hire Me!

Basic writing and editing projects start from just $5! 

I can deliver quality, well-researched, search-engine-friendly content for your blog or website at reasonable rates.

Looking for an affordable, professional proofreader? For just $5, I can provide basic feedback on your ebook or help you with some light editing.

Seriously? $5? 

Yes! Check out my Fiverr profile. All my current $5 gigs are listed.

What can I do for $5? 

A lot!

I can write a blog post or provide comments on your blog. I can complete a short transcription or copy scanned text. I can edit a short text or write a review of your ebook.

I handle all projects through an established freelance marketplace to make sure that we're both protected. We can go through Fiverr or Elance, whichever works best for you.

What's my background? What can I provide? 

I am a career professional managing product safety and compliance for a major national brand. My education is rooted in Chemistry and Toxicology and I am fluent in French. My personal life is all about fitness, martial arts, rock climbing and reading dystopian fiction.

I write because I love writing. I freelance because I love helping other writers. I'd love to help you however I can to make your project successful.

Available Freelance Services
  • Write articles or blog posts
  • Comment on your website or blog
  • Review your ebook on Goodreads
  • Proofread and/or edit your website, articles or ebook
  • Translate French text into English text
  • Ghostwrite young adult fiction
  • Write Science and Math study aids and educational materials
  • Any other reasonable idea you might have!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me any time. I check messages on Fiverr regularly and will get back to you typically within a day.

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